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  • #MeToo - Sexual Harassment Has No Place in the Workplace
    #MeToo - Sexual Harassment Has No Place in the Workplace

    #MeToo , the social media clarion call bringing awareness to sexual harassment, hostile work environments and worse, sexual violence against women in the workplace, is not a new phenomenon to lawyers ...

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  • Party Parents Beware
    Party Parents Beware

    Many parents allow underaged kids to drink in their own home – often supplying the alcohol themselves – in an effort to “control” what they think is inevitable anyway. This is very risky behavior. The ...

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  • Day One
    Day One

    Day One For Her She worked two jobs while in nursing school and graduated on time. Three children relied upon her — one in day care, one in grade school, and one almost in junior high. Her father had ...

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  • Highways Don't Have To Be Dangerous
    Highways Don't Have To Be Dangerous

    Doesn’t it seem like every day another bad wreck happens on our Southern Illinois roadways? These are the headlines we see: “Crashes Increased 30 percent Compared to 2016 – Illinois State Police” ...

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  • What Would Ralph Think?
    What Would Ralph Think?

    In 1932, the country was in economic shambles. It wasn’t a good time to start any business, let alone a law business. But Ralph W. Harris grew up poor, so he was used to it. He started out on the ...

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