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Car accident

Day One

Day One For Her Woman working with a child clinging to her

She worked two jobs while in nursing school and graduated on time. Three children relied upon her — one in day care, one in grade school, and one almost in junior high. Her father had passed and her mother is ill, so she cares for her Mom who lives in a neighboring town. Her husband works over the road, gone days at a time, which leaves much of the household and housework to her. She was so very proud to have landed her first real job in nursing and was nearly done with the probation period when the wreck happened. She was on her way to work, having dropped off the kids at daycare and school. She didn’t see it coming, as she was stopped at the light, but she heard it — screeching brakes. “Thank God the kids were not in the car.” It sounded like it was coming from her left, which is where she was looking when the impact occurred. “I guess it was adrenaline, because I didn’t feel bad – just a little dazed.” Police came, “but I said I would be ok.” She declined an ambulance – already late for work and on probation for another week – because she needed the job. “I’m a nurse after all, I thought whatever it was I could take care of.” By mid-shift, the headache was unreal. She couldn’t concentrate. She saw one of the doctors in the clinic where she worked, and he sent her to the ER. By then, she could barely turn her head. X-rays were normal, and medicine prescribed. The clinic where she worked said to go home and rest until tomorrow, but she had to pick up one child from daycare, another from school, and still another from practice. She needed to get groceries for her mom. When finally she got home, she made the kids go to bed. “They thought they were being punished.” The medicine made her woozy and sleepy. She slept until her kids woke her – “Mom, we are late for school.” Turning to look at the clock, she was reminded of the wreck – a burning pain so bad she wondered what could be wrong. “The xrays were normal,” she thought. Late for work, her children tardy, her husband not due home for two more days, and this was just day one.

Day One For Him

He called his insurance agent. “I rear-ended someone this morning, so I guess I am supposed to let you know?” Where, when, how, why, he explained it all. “Was the other party injured?” “I don’t think so — I was going to call her tomorrow and make sure.” “No, don’t do that. Don’t have any contact with her. Since no ambulance came and she seemed fine at the scene, it’s probably nothing.”