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What Would Ralph Think?

In 1932, the country was in economic shambles. It wasn’t a good time to start any business, let alone a law business. But Ralph W. Harris grew up poor, so he was used to it. He started out on the Marion Square, his wife Edna acting as his only staff, trying to avoid his lights being shut off by the power company. Once, times were bad enough that he was denied credit at a downtown suit shop. From that point forward, Ralph worked himself into success – building his credit not only at the suit shop, but in the community and its juries.

Today we unveil our new website, which is able to connect us with clients anywhere and anytime with a simple click. We often communicate via video conference with expert witnesses across the country, and complete legal research in a fraction of the time that books required.

85 years later, the downtown suit shop is long gone, and the power company bill gets paid every month, but we cannot shake the driving force that our success in this community is borne through hard work and unapologetically advocating for our clients.

Ralph may not have liked electronic research, but we know he’d approve of that.

Welcome to our new site.