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What Really Happens - Day 10

She had been on hold for twenty minutes. She had already left several messages with the phone number for the other driver’s insurance company. Finally, they called back. The insurance adjuster said she was just assigned the claim and was calling to confirm that there were no injuries in the wreck.

“No, I was hurt. It started before I got home. I’ve got bills already coming in from the hospital, and I’ve had to pay co-pays for my doctor and my medicine.”

“Oh, so now you are going to claim you were injured? We have had no report of an injury?”

“Yes, I was injured in the wreck. I am hurting a lot.”

“Oh well, unfortunately since you are claiming an injury, I am unable to assist you. Injury claims are handled in another division. I will notify my supervisor, and your file will be reassigned.

“Well, I still don’t have my car. It’s in the shop and they are asking me about the insurance. Can I get a rental car? And these medical bills? Who do I tell my doctor to bill?”

“We still need to get another adjuster out to assess your car’s damage, so I’m not sure when that will be. As for your injury, again, those questions will need to be answered by the injury adjustor.”

“Well, who is that? Can I talk to them now? I have called and called already.”

“That person is out of the office until next week. I can put you through to their voicemail if you’d like. If not, I’ll make a memo to them to reach out to you when they get back.”