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Medical Malpractice


The medical insurance industry and lobby devotes millions of dollars to defending legitimate claims. Who is looking out for you?

The Medical Malpractice clients we fight for:

  • Were harmed because their condition was misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all
  • Have been harmed by a medical procedure or surgery, and don’t know why
  • Weren’t told the risks of a procedure or surgery before it was done
  • Only learned a prior medical provider made a mistake after they changed doctors
  • Know medical errors were made, but don’t know who is responsible
  • Watch their medical bills mount while their condition does not improve, all for what was supposed to be a “simple” procedure

Medical Errors Continue to Increase Every Year.

Whether it be a surgical procedure done incorrectly, a diagnosis that is missed, or dangerous errors in prescribing medications, medical errors can have deadly consequences.


One of the most difficult things to know for those harmed by serious medical errors is whether their claim has merit.  At HDSL, we only take serious injury medical malpractice claims, and every one of the cases is reviewed and approved by a physician in the same specialty before we agree to file it.  Because of this, you can be confident that your claim is not frivolous, and your injury will not be ignored.


But that’s only half the battle.  Unfortunately, the medical insurance industry and lobby devotes millions of dollars to defending legitimate claims.  Unlike many law firms, we dedicate ourselves to spending the necessary resources in the pursuit of justice, because you deserve better than a lawyer who cannot afford to finance the full extent of your case.


Just like a negligent driver, we know that holding physicians and hospitals accountable for their mistakes will not only assist our clients recover, but may help future patients avoid bad practices in the future.

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