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Personalized Client Representation

In the blink of an eye, your life can be changed forever after an accident. Injuries can leave you and your family with a huge financial burden in the form of medical and rehabilitation bills, the costs of repairing damaged personal property, and the loss of income from time taken off work to recover. Holding the negligent party responsible through a personal injury claim may offer you and your family relief.

At Howerton, Dorris, Stone, & Lambert we understand what you are facing and are ready to put our extensive skill to work in helping you seek the fulll and fair compensationyou need. Our Marion personal injury attorneys have been representing injured clients since before Pearl Harbor was attacked, and we draw on nearly 90 years of institutional knowledge earned in courtrooms across Southern Illinois. Let us take on your legal burden so you can focus on your recovery.

When a person is denied compensation, they are not only left to cover their own medical bills, but they must also deal with a lack of income. At Howerton, Dorris, Stone, & Lambert we believe you deserve better. Our Marion work injury attorneys have helped many clients fight for fair compensation following a workplace injury.

How Our Team Can Help

Our firm takes each case seriously. Victims of serious injury need compensation to heal and recover, and insurance companies will fight hard to avoid having to pay a settlement. We understand what it takes to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each case, and can gather the evidence to help our clients obtain a favorable outcome.

We believe our clients deserve better, so we strive to:

  • Make costs and expenses clear to our clients
  • Fight for justice, not just settlements
  • Thoroughly understand insurance laws and practices
  • Spend the time and money necessary to prepare for each case
  • Build a personal relationship with our clients

How Do I Know if I Have a Personal Injury Case?

The foundation of a personal injury case can center around an injury caused at no fault of the victim of the accident. The primary factor in determining if an injury warrants a personal injury case is whether or not the injury resulted from negligence on the behalf of an individual, company, or other entity. Personal injury cases use “duty of care” as a pillar to the defense. This means there must be proof of a “breach of duty of care” meaning the person, company, or other entity owed you a legal duty of care to keep you safe and that duty was violated. Personal injury cases typically revolve around this proof of duty of care and proving that you were injured due to negligent behavior.


Personal Injury Law Is Our Practice

Since 1932, HDSL has provided Southern Illinois with fierce advocacy for clients facing insurance companies. Our decades of experience have helped us to understand how to fight for fair compensation from insurance companies, even when they misrepresent the severity or costs of an injury. HDSL is known for winning sizeable settlements for the “little guy.” By fearlessly standing up to responsible parties, we have been able to help many clients get back on their feet following an injury.

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