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Personal Injury


Our Personal Approach

Many law firms and lawyers claim they offer personal injury representation, but many of them are learning on the fly or only dab in helping injured people.  HDSL was representing injured clients before Pearl Harbor was attacked, and we draw on over eighty years of institutional knowledge obtained by being in courtrooms all over southern Illinois.   Southern Illinoisans are loyal people, but smart.  You don’t stay in business for over eighty years unless you offer them something solid and something they can trust.


Most importantly, we are in it for you, because you deserve better than a lawyer who:

  • Chases ambulances on television, in person, or preys on injured people by mailing junk mail ads to their homes
  • Does not know what they are doing – wasting away your only chance to obtain compensation for your injuries, bills, wages, or your family
  • Leaves settlement money on the table – just to make a quick fee
  • Sells you short, by not knowing complicated insurance laws
  • Won’t ever take a stubborn insurance company to trial, if necessary
  • Is not willing to risk thousands of dollars of their own money to prepare your case for settlement or trial
  • Is a carpetbagger from hundreds of miles away in Chicago, Peoria, or St. Louis who could care less about a personal relationship with you
  • Is not concerned about you and does not put your interests first

Injuries can be life-changing. Don’t leave your future to an inexperienced ambulance chaser, loud television commercial, or fancy letter.

Personal Injury Law is Our Specialty

If you have ever been referred to a “specialist” – personal injury law is our specialty.  That’s why many lawyers and former clients continue to refer serious injury cases to us.  That’s why we have represented injured Southern Illinoisans all over the United States.  It’s in our DNA.


Injuries can be life-changing.  Don’t leave your future to an inexperienced ambulance chaser, loud television commercial, or fancy letter.  Talk to us first, the law firm that’s been doing it in Southern Illinois since the Great Depression.

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Areas of Practice

  • Personal Injury
  • Car Wrecks
  • Semi Truck Collisions
  • Workplace Injuries
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Medical Malpractice