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Obtaining Restitution for Repetitive Strain Problems

If you work in an uncomfortable position for long periods of time such as sitting in a hunched over position or straining your neck, it is possible to develop injuries in your back and neck that hurt your ability to continue at your job. When these injuries occur, it is important to be able to obtain compensation for recovery. By retaining the services of experienced workers’ comp attorneys, you can increase your chances of receiving benefits to cover medical costs and lost wages. The team at Howerton, Dorris, Stone & Lambert is here to help.

When a person is denied compensation, they are not only left to cover their own medical bills, but they must also deal with a lack of income. At Howerton, Dorris, Stone, & Lambert we believe you deserve better. Our work injury attorneys have helped many clients fight for fair compensation following a workplace injury.

Since 1932, we have been Southern Illinois’ trusted legal team when it comes to fighting for restitution following a back injury in the workplace. Our familiarity with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act gives us the in-depth knowledge and insights necessary to help our clients fight for the coverage they deserve. We know the strategies insurance companies use to avoid having to pay benefits, and can help our clients to stand strong for their interests.

Common Back Injuries In The Workplace

Depending on your work environment, it is possible you may be at risk for a number of back injuries. The majority of these injuries are not caused by , but repeated stresses and trauma. A repetitive stress injury (RSI) can take place when the muscles of the back are constantly held in an awkward position.

Other workplace back injuries can be:

  • Herniated or slipped discs – Usually caused by excessive stress endured during improperly lifting an object
  • Muscle strains – Caused when a muscle in the back is stretched or torn and can cause severe pain and immobility
  • Fractured spine – People with the degenerative bone disease osteoporosis may suffer fractures during a slip and fall accident

These injuries require recovery time, and that is most likely the responsibility of your employer. By calling HDSL, you can receive a free consultation about the legal options you have available and how to proceed with your case. Do not wait to contact us.

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