Occupational Disease


When Loyal Employees Suffer from Repeated Exposure to Harm

While workplace safety standards are improving all the time, there are nevertheless hazards that workers can encounter at their jobs. Those who suffer repeated exposure to harmful materials should not be responsible to pay for their own medical treatment, yet many companies try to find ways to blame their employees for harmful conditions. When this happens, the team at Howerton, Dorris, Stone & Lambert is there for you. For nearly a century, we have been the area’s trusted  workers’ comp attorneys and have helped many of our friends and neighbors to obtain fair settlements for their injuries.

When a person is denied compensation, they are not only left to cover their own medical bills, but they must also deal with a lack of income. At Howerton, Dorris, Stone, & Lambert we believe you deserve better. Our work injury attorneys have helped many clients fight for fair compensation following a workplace injury.

What Are Common Occupational Diseases

The more time spent in contact with certain materials, the greater the risk that it could develop into a problem. For many employees, bad indoor air quality can cause occupational asthma. People who wear latex or nitrile gloves can develop occupational skin diseases that require thorough treatments.

Other common occupational diseases can include:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome – Repetitive wrist work can lead to compression of nerves at the base of the hand. Those affected by it can experience numbness and tingling in the hands, and possibly weakening of muscles in the hand
  • Contact dermatitis – When skin is constantly exposed to certain materials, rashes can form that can cause itching or burning sensations
  • Computer vision syndrome – Workers who spend the majority of their time focused on a screen can develop fatigue injuries of their eyes, such as blurring, headaches, and dryness of the eyes

Lawyers Who Know The Law

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act has outlined a schedule of benefits for occupational diseases. By understanding the law and how workers’ comp benefits are paid out, an experienced attorney can help your case by speeding up payments, covering long-term disability, and ensuring a fair settlement. At Howerton, Dorris, Stone & Lambert, we are committed to fighting for our clients. Our team’s physician examines all cases to see if they have merit before we take them.


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