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Workers’ Compensation


Our Personal Approach

Injured workers mean more to us than a quick settlement.  A denied comp claim means not only is a person injured, but their livelihood and income has been taken away.


HDSL has 85 years of familiarity dealing with commonly overlooked issues like:

  • How to get your benefits paid as soon as possible
  • Whether your employer’s settlement offer includes all of your lost wages or medical bills
  • What to do if your injury prevents you from ever working again
  • Whether work comp will effect your Social Security disability benefits
  • How to deal with retaliation in the workplace – like being fired, demoted, or having your hours reduced or pay decreased – because you filed a workers comp claim
  • Who pays if your injury happened while you were working, but was the fault of a third party – like in a car wreck?
  • What happens if I settle my claim, but my injury causes problems in the future?
  • Will my comp claim affect my health insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare benefits?

Injuries can be life-changing. Don’t leave your future to an inexperienced ambulance chaser, loud television commercial, or fancy letter.

Experience Alone is Not Enough

A law firm has to have the resources, staff, and time available to give each case its proper attention.  HDSL is not a work comp factory – like out-of-area law firms only interested in turning your injury into a quick fee – but a place truly committed to making sure that when your claim ends, you are in the best position possible under the law.


You work hard because people depend on you.  HDSL works like your future depends on us.  Don’t leave that to chance.

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